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2011 Spring Judicial Elections

Wisconsin will feature 10 contested judicial elections this year, including a four-candidate race for incumbent Justice David T. Prosser’s seat on the state Supreme Court.

Other circuit court races of note include challengers to a pair of recently-appointed circuit court judges in Milwaukee and Waukesha counties.

Judge Pedro Colon faces two opponents – prosecutor Roy Korte and municipal judge Christopher Lipscomb – for his Branch 18 seat in Milwaukee, while Judge Kathleen B. Stilling is opposed by Waukesha assistant district attorney Lloyd V. Carter.

Spring primaries are on February 15 and the general election will be held on April 5.

Here is a look at the candidates in the contested races throughout the state.

Wisconsin Supreme Court

Hon. David T. Prosser, Jr. (I)

Marla J. Stephens – Director, Wisconsin State Public Defender’s Appellate Division

JoAnne F. Kloppenburg – Assistant Attorney General

Joel B. Winnig – Attorney Joel Winnig

Columbia County Circuit Court (James O. Miller Filed Notification of Noncandidacy)

Troy D. Cross – Columbia County Assistant District Attorney

Timothy C. Henney – Henney Law Office

Mark D. Lawton – Mark D. Lawton SC

W. Andrew Voight – Miller & Miller LLC

Dane County Circuit Court, Branch 9

Hon. Richard G. Niess (I)

Briane F. Pagel, Jr. – Krekeler Strother SC

Green Lake County Circuit Court (William M. McMonigal (Filed Notification of Noncandidacy)

John B. Selsing – Selsing Law Office

Mark T. Slate – Slate Law Offices

Jon R. Wilsnack – Wilsnack Law Office

Marathon County Circuit Court, Branch 5 (Patrick Brady Filed Notification of Noncandidacy)

Sandra J. Marcus – Marathon County Court Commissioner

Michael K. Moran – Wisconsin State Public Defender’s Office

Peter C. Rotter – Peter C. Rotter Attorney at Law

Milwaukee County Circuit Court, Branch 18

Hon. Pedro Colon (I)

Roy R. Korte – Assistant Attorney General

Christopher R. Lipscomb – Lipscomb Law Offices

Polk County Circuit Court, Branch 2 (Vacant)

Jeffrey L. Anderson – Anderson Legal Services Inc.

James J. Rennicke – Attorney

Daniel P. Steffen – Polk County District Attorney

Sheboygan County Circuit Court, Branch 3

Hon. Angela W. Sutkiewicz (I)

Catherine Q. Delahunt – Delahunt Law Offices LLC

James A. Haasch – Sheboygan County Assistant District Attorney

Waukesha County Circuit Court, Branch 4

Hon. Kathleen B. Stilling (I)

Lloyd V. Carter – Waukesha County Assistant District Attorney

Winnebago County Circuit Court

Hon. Robert A. Hawley (I)

Caroline A. Carver – Attorney

Daniel J. Bissett – Winnebago County Court Commissioner

Edmund J. Jelinski – Edmund J. Jelinski Law Offices

David W. Keck – Winnebago County Family Court Commissioner

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  1. It is kind of Ironic to see Pedro Colon running for a Judgeship, in his first campaign for State Assembly he was quoted in a local hispanic publication, which was operated by one of the other candidates, as stating that, “young Gang Members should be counseled instead of being sent to jail” for crimes like drive-by shootings and selling illegal drugs. Pedro Colon revealed in the same publication, that he spent over $40,000.00 on his campaign when the state statutes limited his Assembly campaign to $17,250 in total campaign expenditures. How can the public trust him to administer the law when he can’t comply with the law?

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