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New Reading Level in Google

The buzz on the blogosphere Friday was that Google has released yet another new feature. This new feature is the ability to select the “reading level” of your Google results. SearchEngineWatch has a nice summary with graphics. Another detailed summary can be found at Lost Press Marketing. The researcher needs to utilize the “advanced search” option to take advantage of this filtering function. The choices presented include limiting by basic, intermediate, or advanced results.

As a test, I conducted a search using the following terms: “electronic discovery” AND metadata. I then selected the option to annotate my results by reading level. Executing my search produced the following summary classifying my results:

Reviewing the results from the various levels, the websites categorized as “advanced” appear to be a bit more detailed than the “basic.” Try it out for yourself.

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  1. In true buzz fashion, I did some data gathering and compiled an ordered list of American Universities, ranked by the reading level of documents found on their websites.

    The list is impressively similar to what I remember of the Newsweek college ratings.

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