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2009AP2943 In re the marriage of: Pinto v. Harold

Child support; contempt

Karen Pinto appeals from an order modifying child support, denying her interest on child-related expenses owed by John Harold, and denying her attorney fees because John was not in contempt for his failure to pay. Karen lists eleven issues and challenges the circuit court’s refusal to order placement with her when the children are ill or injured, the determination of the amount of placement with each parent, the amount of income imputed to her, the amount of child support, the failure to make the child support order retroactive, the modification of how variable expenses are shared and what constitutes variable expenses, the denial of interest on unpaid variable medical expenses, and the failure to hold John in contempt and award her attorney fees; she also requests an award of appellate attorney fees. Harold cross-appeals challenging the requirement that he pay one-half of the tae kwon do (TKD) expenses incurred for the children prior to the modified support order. This opinion will not be published.

2009AP2943 In re the marriage of: Pinto v. Harold

Dist II, Waukesha County, Dreyfus, J., Per Curiam

Attorneys: For Appellant: Ladd, Andrew C., Waukesha; For Respondent: Tess-Mattner, Kent A., Brookfield

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