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Online Verdict Information

Bev Butula

Bev Butula

Morelaw is a great website to gather information on outcomes of civil litigation. This is an excellent free resource to add to your arsenal when conducting verdict or expert witness research. “MoreLaw collects and publishes civil litigation information from the state and federal courts nationwide.” It also provides information on the lawyers and forensic expert witnesses involved. “Since its inception, MoreLaw has collected information on more than 40,000 civil cases, 70,000 lawyers, and thousands of expert witnesses.”

The homepage of MoreLaw provides summaries for the cases recently added to the database. The researcher can also search the database or browse by subject. Case summaries are presented in a clear, easy to read, manner that includes the date of the decision, the parties, judge, court, representing attorneys, a brief synopsis of the case, and the outcome.

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