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State Opens Criminal Investigation into Ken Kratz

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin has opened a criminal investigation into a district attorney who resigned after several women said he abused his power to seek sexual relationships.

In a letter to The Associated Press on Friday, the Wisconsin Department of Justice confirms that former Calumet County District Attorney Ken Kratz is the subject of an investigation that could lead to charges.

The agency’s Division of Criminal Investigation last year concluded Kratz did not commit a crime when he sent sexually harassing text messages to a domestic abuse victim. That finding suggests the new probe centers on other allegations.

The division asked the public last month to come forward with details of misconduct or illegal activity by Kratz.

A message left with Kratz’s attorney was not immediately returned. A Justice Department spokesman says he cannot comment on nature of the investigation.

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  1. Wisconisn has hundreds of these bogus investigations. If they ever find wrong doing it would open the state up for a liable suit. This has thousands of wisconsinites above all laws. This has made wisconsin a dangerous place for honest people to live, It has created the largest police state per capiat in the world. Remember that the governor`s office and the attorney generals office allowed this guy to continue his crime wave by protecting him. This investigation needs to go all the way to the top of this protection rackeet.Wisconsin does not have a legitamate form to address public coruption. As this case shows your chances are better at the lottery than getting a honest response or outcome from the governors or attorney generals office. These people are just as guilty as Kratz. Honest people would have nipped this in the bud. They nust fire each one now. Hold each one accontable.

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