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New (to me) Smartphone Apps

Bev Butula

Bev Butula

I am always amazed by the number of legal related apps available for the iPhone, Blackberry, and other smartphones. Here are just a few I discovered recently:

The Book of Jargon – This application is a free glossary of corporate and bank finance slang and terminology. It is developed by Latham & Watkins. It appears to only be available for iPhone, iTouch, and iPad.

Court Days – This is another iPhone application. The cost to download from iTunes is $0.99. “Court Days allows you to quickly calculate the number of court days or calendar days (or a combination of the two) before or after a given date.”

Mobile Transcript – Available for iPhone/iPad and Blackberry, Mobile Transcript “is a deposition or court transcript specifically formatted to be read on your iPhone. It is a dynamic and interactive file where you can review and make highlights to various portions of testimony.”

ABA News – Read news stories and articles from the American Bar Association when you download this free iPhone/iPad app. The ABA also has a daily news option for Kindle owners. The cost is $0.99 per month.

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