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2007AP2763-D OLR v. LeSieur

Professional Responsibility
Public reprimand

Where attorney Barry LeSieur was convicted of OWI, third offense, a public reprimand is appropriate.

“[W]e determine that Attorney LeSieur’s conduct demonstrates a pattern of disregard for the requirements of the law and calls for the imposition of public discipline. Moreover, it is clear that a private reprimand would not be sufficient to deter Attorney LeSieur from further alcohol-related misconduct. He already received a consensual private reprimand for his second OWI offense. After he agreed to such a reprimand and before it was even finalized, he again got behind the wheel of a vehicle while he was intoxicated. This demonstrates a disregard both for the state’s criminal law against operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated and this court’s Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys. Consequently, a more serious sanction than a private reprimand is clearly appropriate.”

2007AP2763-D OLR v. LeSieur

Per Curiam.

Attorneys: For Complainant: St. Ores, Sheryl A., Madison; For Respondent: LeSieur, Barry, La du Flambeau

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