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Christian Schneider on WDC’s attack on the courts

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Orin Kerr on the good faith exception that recently divided Wisconsin’s Supreme Court
Christian Schneider on WDC’s attack on the courts

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  1. This is rich. Mr. Schneider is a mouthpiece for an extremist right-wing group that hates fairness. He attacks a tiny, obscure group whose goal is to shine a light on the corporate buying of judges in Wisconsin. He claims there is no proof money has affected any decision by the Wis. S. St. As Homer Simpson would say “D’oh.” The WMC and its ilk have no need to buy a vote, they have bought the justices. The proof is in the pudding, In the raft of cases recently decided by the WSC, almost all favored large corporations and the government. Mike McCabe of the WDC is pointing this out and that drives conservatives nutts. McCabe is not attacking the courts, he is attacking those entities that would corrupt the courts. In three years, two conservative justices have been on trial before the court, did Mike McCabe get those justices into trouble or did they do it to themselves with their ethical lapses? It’s the same old thing, conservatives believe they are free to flout the rules while holding liberals to the strict letter of the law.

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