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Data on Demand

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel will occasionally include some very interesting and searchable information in conjunction with a news story. Most recently, in support of a story on water consumption, they offer a database “of more than 158,000 Milwaukee Water Works customers from June 2008 to June 2010.” Researchers can search by street name, city, account holder and account type (e.g. commercial, industrial, public authority, etc.). Results also include gallons used per day and the billing amount.

The Data on Demand feature includes a variety of topics including Salaries, Politics, Inspections, Education, Consumer, Crime, Sports, Property and Business. One of the more unusual pieces, in my opinion, is the pothole tracker. It help understand the data, the Journal provides a summary of how the information is gathered and when it was collected/last updated. To be alerted of new additions, a RSS option is available.

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