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Commentary: No coincidence Earth Day is Lenin’s birthday

April 22 is Earth Day. Very appropriately, and not by any means coincidentally, Earth Day is celebrated on the birthday of the socialist tyrant Vladimir Lenin.

It’s appropriate that the two are celebrated on the same day, because there is no relevant difference between the socialist and environmentalist agendas in this country. Saving the environment is simply a euphemism for eviscerating the rights of property owners and creating a dictatorship.

But you already know that; the purpose of this column is to illustrate how much of our current debate on a host of contentious issues can be explained by looking to the environmental movement.

Essentially, the insatiability of the environmentalists for restricting property rights is a powerful motivation for activists of all stripes to reject any initiative of their opponents, however reasonable.

Whatever anyone’s agenda may be, the environmentalists have taught us all that acceding to the opponent does not satisfy the beast’s hunger, but only makes the beast stronger and more dangerous.

I remember drinking out of the Milwaukee River when I was young. Let me tell you, it was not the relatively pristine waterway that it is today; it was disgusting. But if you were thirsty enough, you drank out of it anyway.

I remember when the whole city of Milwaukee smelled like filth because of the air pollution – all day, every day. Now, the government occasionally declares “Action Days.” Of course, even on the worst “Action Day,” the air is fine – infinitely better than it was every single day back in the 1970s. And if the government didn’t announce them, no one would even know that, by some Earth muffin’s arbitrary standards, the air was “unhealthy” that day.

And yet, the environmentalists will not declare victory. Instead, they have invented the myth of anthropogenic global warming. Property owners have discovered that their compromises with the environmentalists did not solve anything. Their agenda will never end, until western civilization is destroyed and we return to the Stone Age.

It is because the environmentalists’ insane agenda is so clear, and has so far been so successful, that other activists, like supporters of abortion rights and the right to bear arms, know they must employ knee-jerk reflexive opposition to any and all proposals of their opponents.

Suppose, for example, that opponents of the Second Amendment propose a restriction on gun ownership that is genuinely a reasonable one. Many supporters of the right to bear arms have to oppose it anyway, simply because they know what the real goal of their opponents is – to totally disarm the citizenry and leave it wholly at the mercy of a socialist police state.

It is the same with abortion. Many abortion rights activists don’t actually oppose any and all limitations on abortion. But they must oppose any restriction of abortion-on-demand, because they know that the ultimate goal of their opponents is criminalization of all abortions. And once they get that, their goal will be to increase the maximum prison sentences for women who get abortions. And once they get that, they’ll lobby for mandatory minimums. And so on.

These folks know, from the success of the environmentalists in eliminating property rights, that every success of their opponents will merely embolden them. Their opponents will never decide that what they’ve accomplished is good enough and go home; they will always be there, always pushing for more.

So, if you’ve ever wondered why it seems that reasonable people have lost the ability to reach reasonable compromises, look to the environmentalists for your answer. That is the lesson to be learned on Earth Day.


  1. rawr, exactly!

  2. I did it all right. As a university student, I attended Greenpeace’s first demo and the first Earth Day rally. I became a treeplanter and in my 25 year career, planted over a million trees. I fought the good fight in Clayoquot Sound and the Stoltmann Wilderness. I struggled for native rights at Ure Creek and Gustafsen Lake.

    How can it be in 2010 that I find myself an anti-Earth global warmer denier who opposes special rights and privileges for the half-white descendants of this land’s original indigenous peoples so that it’s easier for multi national corporations to cut resource exploitation deals with them?

  3. Excellent observations. I have referred this article to the moderator of Climate Depot, and I expect that it will be linked from that site with similar recommendation. Thank you.

  4. So clean air and water are bad for people? The claim Milwaukee’s toxic air is just fine is belied by the truth. People in the Milwaukee area have the highest cancer rates in the Midwest. Milwaukee itself is drowning in toxic ozone pollution. Waukesha’s water is toxic so they want it from Milwaukee.

    Whether you believe in global warming or not, who has the right to take that risk for the rest of us? If those who deny it are wrong there will be no people left at all. Typically, those who deny global warming cite no facts, just opinions. To them, melting icecaps, glaciers and snow in places like Southern Georgia are “normal.”

    The truth is nobody in power is really interested in protecting our environment. They encourage people to drive 5-MPG SUVs, live in energy hogging McMansions and are fine with burning toxic coal and clear-cutting mountaintops to get at it. Today’s “tyrants” are those who favor industrial pollution, ozone pollution and building nuclear power plants. Those who deny global warming are free to do so. They are not free to put others lives at risk.

  5. Taking care of the planet is a worthy goal but not at the expense of our rights as Americans. If environmentalists want to take private property for the common good they need to get out their checkbook. How could someone who grew up in Wisconsin believe in global warming anyway? As kids you should have learned that Wisconsin was inundated several times by glaciers almost a mile thick. What melted them? What made them come back? What makes us think that the natural forces that caused these events no longer exist? When a global warming scientist can explain how man made carbon dioxide caused these events I will listen. Until that happens I will continue to think that global warming is more of a religion then a science.


  6. Lenin believed in exploiting resources, not conservation. There is nothing in Lenin’s actions, nor in his time at the helm of what would become the Soviet Union, to suggest any common ground with conservationists. Lenin was a real Republican on resources: Pollute the air, there’s always more; dig the mines, let the water carry the poison away.

    Why do you play down that April 22 is the birthday of Queen Isabella of Castile, the woman who financed Columbus’s voyage of economic discovery to America? Or the fact that April 22 is the anniversary of “In God We Trust” going on U.S. coins? Why are you so enamored of Lenin, and not America? Why do you ignore the history of conservation in America, from Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Roosevelt and Roosevelt, and pick some obscure event to build a propaganda point upon?

  7. So I guess that means Law Day falls on the same date as International Workers Day because the average lawyer is such a staunch advocate of workers’ rights?

  8. Your article does not support its headline. Do you have some evidence that Senator Nelson sought to honor Lenin? My theory is that he picked the birthday of film director John Waters DESPITE the fact that it is also Lenin’s birthday. Of course, I don’t have any evidence for that either. But then I’m not going around publishing commentaries that use hot-button labels – “communist!” – rather than reason and facts for my arguments.

  9. Your article does not support its headline. Do you have some evidence that Senator Nelson sought to honor Lenin? My theory is that he picked the birthday of film director John Waters DESPITE the fact that it is also Lenin’s birthday. Of course, I don’t have any evidence for that either. But then I’m not going around publishing commentaries that use hot-button labels – “communist!” – rather than reason and facts for my arguments.

  10. I guess the lesson here is, don’t drink untreated river water!

  11. Earth Day is on my Grandmother’s birthday, which is very fitting since she was born on a farm and spent her entire life gardening, raising chickens and farming. Your hypothesis is silly. There have always been common law limits on what private land owners can do — one cannot create a nuisance or lay waste to land.

  12. Lawrence Winkler

    This opinion is a belated April fool’s joke, right? Is Ziemer for real? I’m really not smart enough to see this opinion as sarcasm.

  13. The John Birch Society peddled this ridiculous claim about Lenin’s birthday in 1970 — the first Earth Day fell on the 100th anniversary of Lenin’s birth. Gaylord Nelson patiently explained that with 3.7-billion people in the world at the time, every day was the birthday of some 10-million people, some good and some bad, some alive and some dead. April 22 was also the birthday of St. Francis of Assisi, who some consider the first environmentalist, as well as being the birthday of Queen Isabella of Spain and — most importantly, Nelson said — “my Aunt Tillie.”

    Amazing that this still circulates 40 years later — and in a law journal at that.

  14. rose, i agree there have always been nuisance laws, and i fully support the application of traditional nuisance law to pollution. however, carbon dioxide isn’t a pollutant.

    as far as your grandmother is concerned, i’m with you. i support agriculture. it is the environmentalists who seek to abolish it, unless it is done “organically” — which is code for “so inefficiently that two-thirds of the world’s population needs to be starved to death.”

  15. In 2007 the US Supreme Court ruled that carbon dioxide is a “air pollutant” as defined by the Clean Air Act. I’d be interested in learning why the Supreme Court was wrong.

    Too much of anything is bad for you. If you wonder what too much carbon dioxide will do to this planet, look at Venus for your answer.

  16. ***** Please note: I am providing my e-mail address SOLELY in case the site host needs to contact me for verification. I DO NOT WANT MY E-MAIL ADDRESS PUBLISHED ALONG WITH MY COMMENTS!!! *****

    Actually, I think there’s a real difference between taking the historically leftist International Worker’s Day and declaring that same date to be Law Day (as a counterweight to the leftist celebration) as opposed to creating an Earth Day that just “happens” (note the sarcasm there) to fall on the same date as Lenin’s birthday.
    Actually, it makes perfect leftist sense to take Lenin’s birthday and recycle it as Earth Day — after all, one of Lenin’s “titles” was “Father of the Earth”.
    And for the committed leftist there would be the added bonus of the ultimate “inside joke”. Think about it – whenever the children of the bourgeois and of the capitalist elites “pledge allegiance to the planet” (as the youthful Disney Channel stars did) and venerate “our Earth Mother” – a.k.a. Gaia – they would also, even if unknowingly, be celebrating “the Father of the Earth”, Lenin.

    P.S. (My father used to joke that if Lenin was the “Father of the Earth” and the Earth is our “Mother”, then Lenin is our “Grandfather”. Dad had the right to joke about Lenin! As a first grader he marched in front of Lenin himself in the May Day parade in Moscow – although I suspect the promised chocolates had more to do with his enthusiasm than any ideological fervor.)

  17. Roscoe Bonifitucci

    Leftists Media, Marxists and Eco-Loons everywhere are celebrating Earth Day – which by no coincidence was first celebrated on the 100th birthday of Vladimir Lenin.

    They continue to create wild distortions and myths to support Obama’s ‘Green’ agenda and the anti-capitalist environmental movement at large. A clean and healthy environment is good for everyone. Today’s EPA is the lapdog of the Communist Agenda and prevents American Exceptionalism.

    Time to Defund the EPA and replace it with the Environmental Solutions Agency.

  18. hate to break it to you, but pro=lifers have never been in favor or imprisoning moms who have abortions. The law struck down in Row v. Wade was a Class C Misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of up to $200. And it was on the person who performed the abortion, not the mom.

  19. Ziemer, you and your echo chamber desperately need to get your heads checked. Your argument is preposterous.

  20. So are there 5 MPG SUVs on venus? Too much s bad and too much of the kool-aid will destroy your logic.

  21. Charles Fiddaboll

    What a dunce. The writer builds his entire ridiculous case on a falsehood.

    He appears utterly ignorant of the difference between the Julian and the Gregorian calendars. He doesn’t even realize that Lenin was ACTUALLY born on 10 April 1870. That was according to the calendar used in Czarist Russia at that time.

    50 years later, Russia changed its calendar to the western (Gregorian) system. In consequence, OS (Old Style) dates were advanced 12 days to catch up to the NS (New Style) western system.

    The writer’s stupidity is further confirmed by his attack on the Environmental Protection Agency as part of the “communist plot.”

    The EPA was created and signed into law on 2 December 1970 by the President who had proposed it: the well-known communist Richard M Nixon. Sheesh.

    Now tell us about Bigfoot and the space aliens who have eaten your brain…

  22. What I find particularly disturbing about the “greenies” is that they honestly think that the horrendous pollution in south america, china and India will not effect them. they are short sighted in their own views. (google “china hush pollution” and ” china brown clowd NASA”).

    Greenism has as it’s end the dissolution of manufacturing jobs in industrialized countries in order to essentially send money to 3rd world countries. These countries not only don’t go to the ends the US and other countries do to clean up the process, they purposely pollute to save a penny — and i’m not talking about minor factory output, these countries are literally destroying hundreds of acres per week with really vile chemicals and waste.

    But all along the environazi’s think the world is wonderful as long as they don’t have a snickers bar wrapper in their own back yard.

    I believe they are called ” useful idiots”.

  23. Well said!! Btw there is a book called eco tyranny, that supports your logic.

  24. Great article.

  25. I agree. There is reason to believe the end of WWII and the decision to unite nations and national academies of science on 24 Oct 1945 marked the end of the scientific revolution that Copernicus started four hundred years earlier in 1543.

  26. “On May 1, 1920, in accordance with a resolution of the Communist Party, the first all-Russian subbotnik took place. More than 15 million people took part in the “holiday of labor” throughout the country. Lenin participated also, removing building rubble in the Moscow Kremlin. He was photographed carrying a log, and later this picture was used on communist propaganda posters.

    Subbotnik took place all over the country as an annual event, sometimes even more frequently. They were timed to coincide with holidays or the anniversary of the first subbotnik or Lenin’s birthday (22 April). This event was staged in a holiday atmosphere with flags, speeches, music and singing. Subbotniki were generally held at the work place, where employees carried out their routine tasks.” –

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