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PACER improvements

Bonnie Shucha, in her recent WisBlawg post, discusses the new PACER Case Locator. Check it out. This interface replaces and improves the old U.S. Party/Case Index. And, there is more news regarding PACER. The Judicial Conference approved “key steps to improve public access to federal courts by increasing the availability of court opinions and expanding the services and reducing the costs for many users of the Public Access to Electronic Court Records (PACER) system.”

The news release regarding the upgrade to PACER goes on to state, “The Judiciary is conducting a comprehensive assessment of its Electronic Public Access Program services to identify potential enhancements to existing services and new public access services that can be provided to litigants, the bar, and the public. All active PACER users were welcomed to participate in at least one of the assessment surveys, focus groups, or interviews. The results of that assessment will be available by July 2010.”

Thanks so much to my colleague, Marc Weinberger, for the tip.

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