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On Tuesday morning I heard an advertisement for Badgerlink on my favorite classic rock radio station. I was so excited! If you are not familiar with it, Badgerlink is an amazing FREE service offered by the Department of Public Instruction. It provides online access to various quality resources and all you need is a library card!

The website explains that “[u]sers can search approximately 20,000 full-text magazines, journals, newspapers, reference materials and other specialized information sources. Included are over 8,000 full text magazines and journals, over 1,500 newspapers and newswires, and approximately 6,800 full text books. Full text articles are taken from 2,900 historical newspaper titles. In addition the BadgerLink vendors provide access to automobile repair manuals, company profiles, country economic reports, industrial reports and yearbooks, biographies, primary historical documents, charts, images, schematics, maps, poems, essays, speeches, plays, short stories, author audio programs and book readings, author video programs, book reviews or discussion guides, and many other full text resources not available through regular internet search engines.”

There a several databases I use on a regular basis for scholarly and company research. The applications are endless, plus it is a great resource for kid’s school work. Badgerlink is easy to access and search. Check out the FAQ’s for additional information.


  1. I forgot to mention that you may not need a library card. If your ISP is registered with Badgerlink, you should have automatic access to the various databases.

  2. Only a librarian would get excited by a commercial for Badgerlink! Sorry I missed it – I would have been excited, too.

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