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Company Organizational Charts

Ever need to find out the organizational structure, including specific individuals, for a company? A free online tool that may help is Cogmap. Cogmap is a wiki that houses organizational charts for thousands of companies. Like other wiki’s this tool is a collaborative effort where individuals can add information. It is a fairly new website so the amount of information is a bit limited.

To search the charts, the researcher can put a name or company into the general search box or browse by state, country, industry or alphabetically. For example, I located organizational charts for Journal Communications (dated 2008) and Starbucks (dated 2010). Researchers need to pay attention to the date. The “chart” view seems lacks titles. The “outline” view, more often than not however, does contain titles. A really cool feature is the “directory” view includes phone numbers.

For more information, check out the FAQ section.


  1. Maybe there is too many hits to the sites, but there seems to be a problem with the links. I’d try back later if you are experiencing trouble. There were no problems earlier today.

  2. Site uptime should be pretty good. We have no issues that I am aware of.

    The chart view will display titles depending on the zoom level. As you zoom out, it will stop showing titles. If you double click on a cell it will zoom in to that cell or you can simply mouseover a cell to see the title associated with a name.

    Thanks for the Cogmap love!

    — brent

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