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Sew what?

Ever checked the label on that green (or purple) Brett Favre jersey you probably own?

Odds are it says Reebok inside the collar, but the U.S. Supreme Court is considering a case that challenges the global athletic supply giant’s exclusive licensing rights with the National Football League.


Given the billions of dollars in revenue that come from slapping a team’s logo on everything from ashtrays to zeppelins, who wouldn’t want to get in on the competition?

Personally, my infatuation with NFL jerseys began and essentially ended with former quarterback Vinny Testaverde (Cleveland Browns era).

And as a passionate, yet nomadic fan of professional football, I don’t drink up the rivalry juice of a Packers-Bears game like so many others.

But since the game itself is rooted in competition, why not let each team determine who will produce its apparel?

These days, fans need a crib sheet anyway to decode the color scheme of the uniforms their favorite team is sporting most Sundays.

Still, I’m not sure any merchandise manufacturer could do much about the Lions.


  1. One thing that label won’t say is “Made in America.” All anti-trust exemptions should be repealed for pro sports and insurance companies and perhaps, everybody.

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