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Knock on Woods

Well, any illusions that Tiger Woods wasn’t human have been destroyed.

The world’s most famous golfer has been at the center of the media universe since the early morning after Thanksgiving for what the athlete, husband and father described as “personal failings,” presumably not on the links.


By now, anyone with ears has probably heard the infamous voicemail, allegedly of Woods asking a woman to disguise her contact information on her phone.

But in this age of electronic-discovery and technological gadgetry, it’s extremely difficult for someone like Woods, ironically a pitchman for AT&T, to keep secrets.

Attorney Bruce A. Olson of ONLAW Trial Technologies in Appleton said cell phone voicemails and text messages are particularly volatile forms of data, especially if retained.

“With the ability of cell phones to have memory cards, you can save a lot of text and voice messages,” he said. “That is certainly something to be aware of if, especially a high-profile person like Tiger Woods.”

“Until it’s deleted, things like that are potentially available to be used by some unscrupulous person who is a party to the phone call,” Olson added.

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  1. Is the problem that cell phones have memory cards or that people are doing things they want hidden, because they are wrong? If Tiger wasn’t cheating on his wife he would not have had to worry about it.

    Greatest golfer ever? That’s still Jack Nicklaus.

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