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Antitrust Information

The Resource page of American Antitrust Institute’s website provides researchers antitrust information. Some is quite basic, while other material is written for the seasoned researcher. The American Antitrust Institute “is an independent Washington-based non-profit education, research, and advocacy organization. Our mission is to increase the role of competition, assure that competition works in the interests of consumers, and challenge abuses of concentrated economic power in the American and world economy.”

From the resource page, one can find a collection of antitrust statutes and regulations. The various laws are outlined and contain hyperlinks to the corresponding code/regulation sections. A recent test, however, found a few “dead links.”

The section entitled “U.S. Enforcement Guidelines” provides links to several Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission reports and manuals. There are also links to papers drafted by the ABA.

Two sections that I often use are the Exemptions and the Industry-Specific pages. The exemptions resource provides summaries to the various antitrust exemptions with links to relevant material. Examples include collective bargaining, sovereign immunity, sports issues, and so on. The industry specific page leads the researcher to links relating to topics ranging from agriculture to health care to media. There are also links to merger information, international guidance, and basic primers.

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