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E-books on your PC?

We have all heard about the various portable e-readers available. A few examples include the Sony Reader, the Barnes & Noble Nook, and the Amazon Kindle. (I personally own a Kindle). There are also electronic reader apps that can be downloaded to an iPhone, iTouch, or Blackberry. However, did you know that there are also e-readers for your PC?

This is a brief summary of the applications that I am aware of, there are probably many more. Barnes & Noble offers free eReader software for either your PC or Mac. Amazon also recently released a Kindle for PC’s. Each offers the same features as the portable version, including free samples, bookmarking capabilities, and storage of titles. Digital titles usually cost less than a hard cover book and can be downloaded instantly. There is currently no version of the Kindle for Mac users, but is scheduled for release soon. EReader.com and MobiPocket also offer free e-reader applications for iPhone, Blackberry, PC’s, Mac, and other devices.

With these options, books are also available on your laptop. (Might be an option while you are waiting in the airport) If you are thinking about going with an e-reader, do your research and read the reviews. For example, Amazon has a partnership with some higher education textbook publishers. I do have to say that when I am at home, I still prefer the old fashioned hard cover or paperback.

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  1. Hi Bev,
    I thought that you should be aware of http://www.ebook.com
    eBooks on eBook.com are designed for the PC, LapTop and Net Books
    The reader is free and is called the DNL Reader.

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