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Wisconsin History

The Wisconsin Historical Society has numerous valuable resources. It is a gold mine for doing research on any number of Wisconsin issues.

Do you need some information on older Wisconsin corporations? The Historical Society “houses incorporation papers and charter documents for thousands of Wisconsin corporations, 1848-1993.” Check their indexes at the Corporations page.

Are you looking for information on historical buildings or structures? The Architecture and History Inventory is a very nice tool. “This resource is a search engine that provides historical and architectural information on approximately 120,000 properties in Wisconsin. The AHI contains data on buildings, structures and objects that illustrate Wisconsin's unique history.”

For older documents, check the “Wisconsin Historical Collections,” a digital set of 1000 “articles, memoirs, interviews and essays on Wisconsin history and archaeology first published 1855-1915.” For a brief summary of various people, places and things, check out the “Dictionary of Wisconsin History.”

My favorite has to be the “Turning Points in Wisconsin History.” Often times we are looking for a historical perspective on a particular topic and this is a great launching point. For example, if you are researching Prohibition or Wisconsin breweries, there is a page that provides a summary of the issues with links to relevant articles, images, and books.

Browse the site for more interesting and useful items.

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