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National Labor Relations Board

The NLRB website offers an extensive amount of information. An analysis of all the various features would result in a lengthy article. For this blog post, I’ll just mention a few. Many people are familiar with the Board Decisions. The complete set of bound volumes is online, back to volume 1 (1936). ALJ decisions are also found under this section.

Researchers can find Advise Memos back to 1969 and General Counsel Memos back to 1973. An often overlooked resource is the collection of Appellate Court Briefs filed in enforcement/review actions.

The site also makes available the NLRB Casehandling Manual, the Guide for Hearing Officers, the Procedure Manual and NLRB Style Manual. These are all easily linked via the Manuals tab.

My favorite search tool and feature of the website is CITENET. CITENET “provides a subject matter classification system and a topical index for procedural and legal issues contained in Board and related Court decisions. The topical index uses an alphabetized word or term found in outline headings. This database includes most Board decisions and contemporaneous Court decisions beginning in February 1992 (Board Volume 306).” The site offers a video tour and other guidance to search the database.

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