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Bankruptcy Statistics

I have been asked several times over the past few months to gather various Bankruptcy statistics. I located a variety of useful sites, and thought I’d share them.

American Bankruptcy Institute

The American Bankruptcy Institute maintains a vast amount of statistical information. Options include filings by Chapter, District, and State. They also have a variety of information on business and non-business filings. Most of the other information available on the site is for members.

Federal Judiciary

The U.S. Courts administrative office keeps bankruptcy statistics for their “fiscal” year, the calendar year, and quarterly reports. The site does offer the option to receive email notification of updates. If you have a PACER account, additional reports can be found from the main PACER page.

Department of Justice/Trustee Program

The U.S. Trustee website has bar charts summarizing state information (Broken down by Chapter filed). They also have reports totaling the number of Chapter 7 cases closed by state including the amount of receipts. The page also provides a link to an interesting summary of bankruptcy filings from 1994-2000 and a “comprehensive look at the Chapter 7 cases that resulted in distributions to creditors.”

Wisconsin Courts –

Both the Western District of Wisconsin and Eastern District of Wisconsin maintain a statistics page.

Anyone else have reliable resources on this topic?

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