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Wisconsin Property Assessment Manual Online

New this week! The complete Wisconsin Property Assessment Manual is available online. It can be found here.

Per a recent Wisconsin Department of Revenue notification –

The Wisconsin Property Assessment Manual (WPAM) serves as the guide for uniform property assessment. Sec. 70.32, Wi Stats requires that assessors utilize the WPAM when valuing real property; Sec. 70.34 requires its use when valuing personal property. The manual aids assessors in the interpretation of statutes related to classifying and valuing property, describes the property assessment cycle and deadlines, and defines the responsibilities of public servants charged with carrying out property valuation. The manual is developed and maintained by the Department of Revenue, Bureau of Assessment Practices per Sec. 73.03(2a), WI Stats and is updated on an annual basis.

It does take a minute or two to download. Also, please note that the file is a set of separate .pdf’s. As a result, make sure when you conduct a search you are searching the entire .pdf package and just not just an individual page or chapter. The easiest way to accomplish this is to select the binoculars within the document (see middle column in the illustration) and then select “entire .pdf package.”



  1. It’s about time. You have to wonder why this has been kept off the Internet for the past decade. In my opinion, it’s is because property tax assessments are a scam on the public and the last thing local governments want is taxpayers finding out it is a scam and doing something about it.

  2. James A. Bergmann

    Unable to bring up the manual beyond the “Introduction Page, pp #1” Locks up my computer! What is the problem? I can access any other pdf documents with no problem. Any suggestions!

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