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Recap of Stimulus Websites

There is quite a buzz around the availability of online Stimulus bill information. I have done two prior posts on websites dedicated to this topic (Recovery.gov and Mayor’s Wish List for Stimulus Money). As things are progressing, I have been requested to locate other relevant websites and thought I’d share some of those here:

Recovery.gov – This is the Federal government’s website. “The site will include information about Federal grant awards and contracts as well as formula grant allocations. Federal agencies will provide data on how they are using the money, and eventually, prime recipients of Federal funding will provide information on how they are using their Federal funds.”

United States Conference of Mayors Mainstreet Economic Recovery – The site is established to track the bill and provide news regarding distribution of funds. The “Funding and Deadlines” column contains a variety of good data.

Read the Stimulus – This is website contains a blog, and online versions of the bill and reports.

Stimulus Watch – This is a summary of the proposed “shovel ready” projects. On, Februrary 18th, WisBlawg had a nice post on this site.

Recovery for Wisconsin – This is Senator Feingold’s website dedicated to “to help local governments, businesses and people across Wisconsin learn more about the recovery package, and how it can help put Wisconsin’s economy, as well as the nation’s, back on the right track. I will continue to update this site so people can monitor the implementation of the recovery package.”

Wisconsin Office of Recovery and Reinvestment – The Office is charged with helping the citizens of Wisconsin deal with various funding opportunities. For potential recipients of stimulus funds, the site will assist with resources, requirements, and the application process.
Shovel Watch – “ShovelWatch is a joint project of the non-profit investigative journalism organization ProPublica, the morning news program The Takeaway and WNYC, New York's flagship public radio station.” It is an interesting list of news stories, resources, commentary, and charts. I appreciate the state chart identifying the various state-specific recovery/transparency sites.

Eye on the Stimulus – This is ProPublica’s individual site with highlights, charts, interactive material and documents. A recent post, breaks down the stimulus information by agency (e.g. transportation, criminal justice, education, housing, etc.)

This is obviously not an exhaustive list, but selection of what is available to the online researcher.

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  1. You might want to take a look at what the Council of State Governments has available on its Web site. http://www.staterecovery.org/

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