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Wisconsin TechSearch

A young associate at my firm needed a non-legal journal article from the 1980s. He seemed mystified that it was not available online, or easily accessible. I attribute this to two things. The first is that he is from the computer generation, where most research is conducted sitting at a laptop. The second is that in law school, research is focused on legal issues with numerous resources available (including various full-text databases).

I indicated that while it was neither free nor instantaneous, that I would be able to get the article for him quickly. I explained that UW’s Wendt library has an excellent document delivery service called Wisconsin TechSearch. WTS librarians have access to the vast UW collection, as well as, other resources.

It is very easy to set up an account with Wisconsin TechSearch and request books or journal articles. They also provide patent and literature searches. The website clearly defines the costs involved. Note that users are responsible for determining their copyright obligations. Trying not to sound like a commercial — Wisconsin TechSearch provides prompt, friendly service. For over 40 years, they have offered their services to businesses and law firms of all sizes.

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