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Recovery.gov is up and running

Recovery.gov, the government website established to track the stimulus bill money, is up and running. One of the first things you notice about the site is the timeline. The entries start in February of 2009 and, currently, continue through July 15, 2009. The entry for that day is “Recipients of Federal funding to begin reporting on their use of funds.” Another entry on the site is a graphic describing the general allocation of funds.

The mission of the website is to “feature information on how the Act is working, tools to help you hold the government accountable, and up-to-date data on the expenditure of funds.” The site further states “federal agencies will provide data on how they are using the money, and eventually, prime recipients of Federal funding will provide information on how they are using their Federal funds. On our end, we will use interactive graphics to illustrate where the money is going, as well as estimates of how many jobs are being created, and where they are located.”

A link to the February 18th, 62 page detailed guidance memorandum (PDF) is available. To assist with navigation a search engine is provided. Another feature is the ability for researchers to sign up for email updates. The updates will be helpful as the site continues to gain information.

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