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How Would You Improve Voir Dire?

On Tuesday, I reviewed "Building A Better Voir Dire," the article by Judge Gregory Mize and Paula Hannaford-Agor of the National Center for State Courts. The article challenged judges to work creatively to help the actual practice of jury selection live up to the ideals most of us share.

Now it's your turn. What do you think judges should do to improve voir dire where you practice?

I'm serious; I'm collecting your advice. A number of judges read this blog, I'm honored to say, and I'm sometimes asked to talk to judges' groups about this topic. I'll collect your best answers in a post (or two?) here, and I'll pass them on in person as well.

Tell me what you think judges most need to change in voir dire — in the comments below, on Twitter, on your own blog, or by E-mail. (Keep it civil, of course, and constructive.) If you have friends with ideas, tell them to send them along. We'll see what happens.

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