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eLaw Exchange (Electronic Discovery Information)

Michael Arkfeld, the author of “Electronic Discovery and Evidence,” offers an electronic discovery tool entitled eLaw Exchange. The site supplies information on service providers, state rules, and litigation resources. It encourages contributions and exchanges between professionals.

One site feature is “Litigation Intelligence.” This is a searchable database of websites that would be of interest to litigation professionals. It allows you to search by keyword or topic. For example, a search of “Business Research” produced a list of 91 resources. The list provides the name of the website, a link, a brief summary of what the site provides, and whether the services are fee based. Another feature is the “Service Providers” database.

Querying “Wisconsin” produced the names and contact information for two well known imaging companies. Another free searchable database focuses on e-discovery cases and rules for the individual states. The volume of cases for each state varies, but the results include the case name, citation and a brief synopsis. The site also offers a few samples of practice forms, links to articles written by Arkfeld on electronic discovery issues, and other resources.

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