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Judgepedia is a relatively new website, going live earlier in 2008. Judgepedia is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia. A wiki is a collaborative website, allowing individuals to create, edit and delete information on the page. Because of this ability to manipulate information, some have questioned the reliability of wikis. However, operators of wikis have stressed neutrality, verifiability and reliability.

Judgepedia “is a free, online, collaborative encyclopedia about America's judges, judicial system, the law and, in general, all things related to the judiciary.” The site is the brainstorm of the Sam Adams Alliance and has several sections. The “federal judiciary” section has links to federal courts and judges. Other areas include “state supreme courts” and a section summarizing the judicial elections. Another interesting feature is the case analysis and notable state court rulings.

The site is an acknowledged work in progress. The amount of information varies, however many links are thoroughly written (See Wisconsin Supreme Court). Since currency is an obvious concern, the researcher can find the date of the last update on the bottom of each page.

Thanks to Mary Koshollek for bringing this site to my attention.

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