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Election Data via Google Maps

Google’s Election ’08 Map Gallery displays a variety of maps dealing with the current and past elections. Two of the several choices include 2008 election results and historical data.

The 2008 election results map will be updated in “real time” per Google, so interested parties might want to keep an eye on it throughout the day.

The historical map contains information for presidential elections from 1980 forward. The researcher can obtain national, state and county statistics. For example – if you select the 1988 election and then choose “Wisconsin”, a map will appear showing which candidate prevailed in each county. The researcher can then choose a specific county to obtain additional information including voting percentages and demographic information (from the prior census).

Thanks to the Sunlight Foundation for the tip.

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  1. A! Get a clue people, we still do not have an answer to the question.
    WHY did the worlds greatest military power FAIL to defend even its own HQ?

    and WHY did the Commander in Chief sit in a photo-op while “AMERICA is underattack”? whats up with that?

    Its a REPUBLIC, … if you can keep it!

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