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Darryl L. Scheel v. Thomas Mielke



Case name: Darryl L. Scheel v. Thomas Mielke

Court: Dodge County Circuit Court

Insurance: West Bend Mutual Insurance

Plaintiff’s attorney: Timothy Trecek, Habush Habush & Rottier, S.C.

Date of incident: April 16, 2005

Plaintiff’s injuries: Amputation of right leg below the knee, facial injuries, forehead lacerations, cracked/missing teeth, fractured right forearm.

Plaintiff’s experts: Skogen Engineering

Past medical expenses: $263,312

Past wage loss: $19,440

Future medical expenses: Over $1 million

Plaintiff’s first demand: $4 million

Defendant’s first offer: $1 million

Amount of settlement: $2.2 million

Plaintiff counsel’s summary of the facts: Plaintiff was driving his motorcycle in Dodge County. Defendant was driving a truck owned by Rennhack Con-struction and was stopped at a stop sign. Plaintiff was leaving intersection and defendant pulled out from the stop sign into the path of plaintiff causing the two vehicles to collide. Plaintiff flew off of his motorcycle and landed in a ditch off the roadway.

Issues: Plaintiff had marijuana in his system and drug paraphernalia and marijuana on his person at the time of the accident.

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