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The Siting of Wireless Communications Facilities

Several times over the past few years, I have been asked to research the issue of wireless communication facilities. OpenCRS (see prior post), recently posted a Congressional Research Report entitled, “The Siting of Wireless Communications Facilities: An Overview of Federal, State, and Local Law.”

The abstract for the report includes the following:

The siting of wireless communications facilities has been a topic of controversy in communities all over the United States. Telecommunications carriers need to place towers in areas where coverage is insufficient or lacking to provide better service to consumers, while local governing boards and community groups often oppose the siting of towers in residential neighborhoods and scenic areas. The Telecommunications Act of 1996 governs federal, state, and local regulation of the siting of communications towers by placing certain limitations on local zoning authority without totally preempting state and local law. This report provides an overview of the federal, state, and local laws governing the siting of wireless communications facilities.

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