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Bureau of Justice Statistics

The Department of Justice maintains a statistics page worth looking at. The page has statistical reports on crime, prosecution, corrections, law enforcement, sentencing, criminal records, and others. Many of the pages include graphs and annual reports. A topic’s initial page offers key data with links to more detailed reports. Each topic also includes a listing of relevant publications summarizing data collected.

The main page includes a link to the “Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics” which is housed on the University at Albany’s website. The cool thing is that older editions are archived on the site, going back to 1994.

Remember, it is important to pay attention to both when the page and data was last updated.

One comment

  1. According to a Milwaukee Journal series in the 1990’s, white collar crime amounts to 90% of all crime in the United States. So it makes no sense whatsoever for the federal government to not keep any stats on white collar crime at all. Looking for those involved in the Enron and Global Crossing scandals, two record-breaking bankruptcies full of white collar crime and fraud and you won’t find them.

    This federal government is next to worthless. In fact, by not reporting white collar crime stats it wants you to believe that either (1) it does not exist or (2) it is of no concern. If you steal a loaf of bread or a car, you become a government statistic. If you steal billions of dollars and defraud people across the US, you don’t even exist, it’s like it never happened.

    No that uber-right wing fanatic and Attorney General Muksaey has informed the ABA that the vast amount of criminal activities carried out by the Justice Department don’t mean anything at all, you have to wonder why we fund this unit at all? Conservatives are big on personal responsibility unless it involves their own and then it’s Katie bar the door, crime by the right wing is perfectly acceptable under the Bush regime.

    In a nutshell, we have a federal government that commits outrageous crimes against its citizens, encourages big-business to commit massive frauds on the public and keeps no records of any of this at all.

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