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Wish you could find their 800 number?

Occasionally, it can be a challenge to locate a company’s toll free number. I thought I would share a couple of Web sites that might help you find that information.

The first is the Internet 800 directory. This directory allows searching by company, product, or toll free phone number. Refine the search by selecting a specific state. One thing missing from this site is an indication of how often the information is updated.

Hard to Find 800 Numbers is another resource for locating toll free numbers. The top 5 requests to the site are listed on the homepage. Currently, it includes Amazon, PayPal, EBay, Yahoo and Google. A nice feature is that the site clearly lists all 800 numbers for a company and includes notes if necessary. There is no search box for this site. The researcher locates a company by selecting the name from an alphabetical index.

Another choice is the National Toll Free Directory website. This site supports keyword searches, an alphabetical index, and a category search. The menu choices also include a reverse lookup and a “hard to find” section. The “hard to find” area includes toll free numbers for the top 225 insurance companies and Las Vegas Hotels.

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