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Martindale Hubbell Law Digest Online

The Martindale Law Digest is an extremely useful tool for obtaining information for various jurisdictions. For years, the Digest consisted of hardbound volumes within your Martindale set. As time progressed, they moved to a CD version. Well, now it is even easier to use the Digests, because they have been incorporated into the Martindale.com site.

Users are required to register, and I must admit, it takes a few keystrokes to get to the actual digest — Searchers need to choose the “Select Legal Topics” link and then pick your jurisdiction of interest. Scan the result list for the “Law Digest” to open the actual digest. But once there, the user can open a .PDF of the entire digest section and easily search, or maneuver through the document.

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  1. This directory is full of useless and meaningless junk.

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