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Books within a series

I am currently on vacation in Idaho, so this post is going to be about something I enjoy — reading. (Big surprise for a librarian) My husband is an avid fly fisherman and I, well, sit at the campsite and read. I can easily go through 6 or 7 books during one vacation.

Often I will begin a book and realize it is actually part of a series. If I like it, I usually want to read the entire series. So, what is an easy way to identify all the books within a series and the proper order of release? The Los Angeles Public Library has a wonderful database entitled “Series and Sequels.” Just enter in the author, title, series name or character and a list will appear. For example, if I put “Scarpetta” in the character field, a complete listing of the Patricia Cornwell novels is provided. It is a great way to start at the beginning of a series or identify any titles you missed.

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