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Two stops for drug information

Looking for drug information? There are several good sites out there. One you might want to check is PDRHealth. PDRHealth describes itself as a “consumer Web portal of the Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR®), which has provided trusted and authoritative drug and clinical information to physicians for over 60 years. The PDRhealth site offers consumer-friendly explanations of disease states and conditions as well as the safe and effective use of prescription and non-prescription drugs as well as herbal medicines.”

The website allows the researcher to check various drug information including generic ingredients, side effects, drug interactions, and warnings. There are also sections on clinical trials, surgery, and various diseases. Most items are written in general, easy to understand terms.

If you are searching for more detailed and scientific type data, an option is the National Institute of Health’s Library of Medicine. They maintain the Drug Information Portal, which was released earlier this year. This resource searches several different databases and presents the results in a clean list. An extensive amount of information can be retrieved in a single search.

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