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Another option for searching state case law

Washburn University School of Law Library offers a State Court Opinion Search. It is a very clean interface based on Google Custom Searches. Currently they list 24 states and the U.S. Supreme Court. A “scope” link for each state is available, clearly identifying coverage. For example, Kansas searches both the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals from 1996 to present. In contrast, Alaska only searches opinions from the last 90 days. So, make sure to check prior to conducting any searches. Queries can include case name, citation, docket number or keyword.

From the library’s main page, a researcher will also find a comprehensive listing of links to State, Federal and International legal information.

On a different subject, I had the opportunity to attend an excellent program this week on WisconsinEye. WisconsinEye provides access (online and via cable television) to all three branches of government. Bonnie Shucha at Wisblawg, summaries the program extremely well in her post Wednesday. Check it out!

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