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Wolters v. Mercy Health Care System, et al.

Injuries claimed: The plaintiff claimed to have suffered a neurologic injury to his upper extremity causing pain and weakness.
Original amount sought: Plaintiff’s counsel requested the following awards from the jury during final argument:
Past health care expenses: $96,000 – $129,000
Past loss of income: $75,000
Future loss of income: $375,000 – $502,000
Past pain and suffering: $300,000
Future pain and suffering: $300,000
Highest offer: Zero
Verdict: No negligence
Verdict date: May 31, 2007
Defense attorney: Corneille Law Group, LLC, by Barrett Corneille and Carley Peich Kiesling, on behalf of Peter Rosenblum, PA-C, Dr. Trent McDaniel, Mercy Health System Corporation and OHIC Insurance Company; Leib & Katt, S.C., by Douglas Knott, on behalf of Dr. Trilok S. Khanna and Judy Schmidt, CRWA
Plaintiff experts: Greg Trost, M.D., Neurosurgeon, UW Hospital, Standard of Care and Causation, Treating physician; Kenneth Candido, M.D., Anesthesiologist, Loyola University, Chicago, Standard of Care and Causation; Miroslav Backonja, M.D., Neurologist, UW Hospital, Damages, Treating physician; Janice Singles, Psy.D., Psychologist, UW Hospital, Causation and Damages, Treating psychologist; Anthony Gamboa, Ph.D., Forensic Economist, Vocational Economics, Damages
Defense Experts: Casey Blitt, M.D., Anesthesiologist, University of Arizona, Standard of Care and Causation; Thomas Lyons, M.D., Neurosurgeon, Neenah, Standard of Care and Causation; Nancy Bruton-Maree, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesiologist, Raleigh School of Nurse Anesthesia, Standard of Care; Donald Feinsilver, Ph.D., Forensic Psychiatrist, Psychiatric Associates, West Allis, Causation; David Jones, Ph.D., Economist, Economic Consulting Services, St. Paul, MN, Damages; Michael Campbell, Vocational Consultant, Campbell & Associates, Pewaukee, Damages
Defense counsel’s summary of case: The plaintiff underwent a routine hernia procedure. At the conclusion of the procedure, he claimed to have suffered neurologic damage to his upper extremity. This case was submitted to the jury under the theory of res ipsa loquitor.

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