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05 CV 653 Calvin v. Zahrt, et al.

Plaintiff counsel’s summary of the case: Deante Calvin was a passenger in his grandmother’s car. In a construction zone where temporary stop signs had been placed in an unusual configuration, the truck driver failed to see the signs requiring him to stop.

Deante’s grandmother had stopped at her stop sign which was set back some 70 feet from the actual intersection. As she drove through the intersection, her car was struck by the Schneider National semi.

Plaintiff’s negligence theory: Negligent truck driving and negligent placement of traffic control devices.

Defendant’s position: Schneider National contended that the signage of the intersection was improper. Rock Road disagreed.

Rock Road’s counsel statement and response: Defendant Schneider National paid $4,900,000 and 94 percent of the total settlement and defendant Rock Road paid $300,000 and 6 percent of the total settlement.

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