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01-0470-FT City of Eau Claire v. Langenfeld

Kimberly Langenfeld appeals her conviction for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of an intoxicant (OWI). The sole issue on appeal is whether the arresting officer had reasonable suspicion to detain Langenfeld in order to perform field sobriety tests and other further investigation prior to arresting her for OWI. This court concludes that because the arresting officer had a reasonable basis to suspect that Langenfeld had been operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, the trial court correctly denied her motion to suppress.

The conviction is affirmed.

This opinion will not be published.

Dist III, Eau Claire County, Wahl, J., Cane, C.J.


For Appellant: William A. Schembera, Menomonie; Lynn M. Lahti, Menomonie

For Respondent: Stephen C. Nick, Eau Claire

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