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01-0328 In Re the Termination of Parental Rights to Erin R. S.

Even though the trial court erred in its belief that the law mandates the questions to be considered in tandem, a close reading of the court’s disposition shows that the law was, in actuality, followed.

As to the first question, the trial court was obviously convinced that the mother’s chemical abuse prevented her from cooperating with attempts to help her cope with her parenting duties, causing the child to be in and out of foster care, and rendering the mother unable to function as a parent. The trial court further found that “condemn[ing] this child to go from foster home to foster home, waiting for a parental relationship to come into existence for which the mother seems unwilling to take steps to make possible, is, … `seriously detrimental to the child.'”


Recommended for publication in the official reports.

Dist II, Fond du Lac County, English, J., Brown, P.J.


For Appellant: John J. Grau, Waukesha

For Respondent: Christopher W. Stock, Fond du Lac

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