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Third Party Plaintiff – Duty to Defend

The petition for review asked the court to decide: (1) whether a third-party complaint may state a claim for which an insurance company has a duty to defend when the third-party plaintiff was sued for misrepresentation by the first-party plaintiff; (2) whether a third-party defendant may supplement the third-party complaint with additional facts when the third party defendant seeks a defense from its insurance company; and (3) whether summary judgment denying a claim for defense conclusively concludes the duty to defend question, notwithstanding subsequent developments in the lawsuit.

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Jury Demand

“There are two basic issues on this appeal. First, we must examine whether the pre-litigation jury waiver provision in the contract between the Parsons and Associated is enforceable, either with or without proof extrinsic to the terms of the contract that the Parsons knowingly and voluntarily agreed to this waiver.

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Confrontation Clause

We review a published opinion of the court of appeals,1 which determined that use of a deceased police officer's recorded statements at a suppression hearing did not violate Glenn T. Zamzow's rights under the Confrontation Clause of the Sixth Amendment or the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

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Court Error

WI Supreme Court Case Name: State of Wisconsin v. Leopoldo R. Salas Gayton Case No.: 2013AP646-CR Focus: Court Error Court did not rely on improper factor in sentencing. “Other cases that Salas Gayton cites note the principle that sentencing courts ...

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