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Ordinance Violation Costs – Compliance with Court Order

Heather Moore, representing herself, appeals circuit court orders (1) finding her in contempt for failure to comply with a court order requiring her to reimburse the City of Watertown for costs generated during litigation over an ordinance violation, and (2) imposing remedial sanctions to encourage her compliance with the court order.

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Sales & Use Tax

In this sales and use tax case, the Tax Appeals Commission concluded: (1) Stuyvesant Dredging, Inc.’s (SDI) activity of separating dredged material from the Fox River into its constituent parts constituted “processing” of tangible personal property under WIS. STAT. § 77.52

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Nationstar Mortgage LLC, n/k/a Bank of America, NA, appeals orders that: dismissed its foreclosure action against Robert Stafsholt and others; reinstated the underlying mortgage with a principal balance of $172,108.17; and permitted a $24,406.89 offset against that balance to account for attorney fees Stafsholt incurred in the foreclosure proceedings.

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