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Abuse of Discretion

Christine Lindemann appeals a judgment and order awarding attorney fees in favor of Edith and Geoffrey Maclay, Sr. (“Maclays”), Lindemann’s parents, along with Geoffrey Maclay, Jr. (“Rip”) (collectively, “the Maclays”), pertaining to the Trust of Rene von Schleinitz (“Trust”).

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Sufficiency of Evidence and Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

James D. Carter appeals the judgment convicting him of the following sixteen counts: (1) armed robbery with threat of force (count one); (2) possession of a firearm by a felon (counts two, four, and five); (3) burglary (count three); (4) forgery by possession with intent to utter (counts ten and eleven); (5) forgery by uttering (counts thirteen, fifteen, seventeen, and nineteen); (6) attempted theft by false representation (count twelve); and (7) theft by false representation (counts fourteen, sixteen, eighteen, and twenty).

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