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Dismissal of Suit – Deliberate Indifference

“The complaint charges the defendants, who are supervisory personnel at Stanley, including its warden, with deliberate indifference to the danger of the plaintiff’s being sexually assaulted by DaSilva. All prisoners at Stanley have a cellmate, randomly assigned in the first instance, and the plaintiff claims that the defendants were aware of, but did nothing to eliminate, the danger of placing DaSilva in the same cell with him.

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We granted Marie Williams’ petition for leave to appeal, which was supported by the State, to determine whether entitlement to “immun[ity] from prosecution” under WIS. STAT. § 961.443 as an “aider” of a person believed to be suffering from a drug overdose is to be decided by the circuit court pretrial or by the fact finder at trial.

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Insurance – Arbitration

This dispute arises from the 2013 fire at the Milwaukee County Courthouse (the “Court‐ house”). Milwaukee County (the “County”) maintained its primary insurance policy covering the Courthouse with the State of Wisconsin Local Government Property Insurance Fund (the “Fund”).

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2nd Amendment Rights – Concealed Carry

The plaintiffs in this case, nonresidents of Illinois each of whom has a concealed-carry license from his home state, travel to Illinois whether on business or for family or other reasons and want, while they are in Illinois, to be allowed to carry a firearm even if they are not within the exceptions to the restrictions on nonresident gun carrying just listed, but are not allowed to do so because they aren’t residents of states that have firearm laws substantially similar to Illinois’.

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