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Attorney who made brazen accusations against judges is up for suspension

A Minnesota attorney who is suspended from practicing law in her state for making disparaging statements about judges in court filings is now facing similar discipline in Wisconsin.

Rebekah Nett, of Westview Law Center PLC, has never been suspended or disciplined in either state, but has been sanctioned several times in the past few years. Most of the misconduct stems around brazen accusations she made against state and federal judges in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

The Minnesota Supreme Court, in its Nov. 27 opinion, stated that “Nett repeatedly made frivolous and harassing personal attacks and discriminatory statements in 11 different pleadings in five distinct manners.” This includes calling officials racist, invoking Hitler and lobbing religious insults.

Nett was suspended from practicing law in Minnesota indefinitely, and the court ordered that she not be allowed to apply for reinstatement for at least nine months.

Wisconsin’s Office of Lawyer Regulation is asking the state’s justices to suspend Nett for a year as reciprocal discipline. That way, the OLR explained in a complaint filed Feb. 11, she would not be able to apply for reinstatement for at least nine months.

Nett – who graduated from the University of Minnesota Law School in 1999 – did not immediately return a message.

The Minnesota’s court’s opinion states that Nett:

  • Accused Wisconsin judges of “being members of a secretive racist society” and that the mayor of Shawano had conspired with police and judges against her client.
  • Wrote that Eastern District of Wisconsin Chief Judge William Griesbach granted her oppositions’ requests because the opposing attorney used to clerk for Greisbach. In an order for sanctions filed October 2010, Griesbach called Nett’s statements “bizarre, fantastic and delusional.”
  • Wrote that the treatment her client in a case in the Eastern District of Wisconsin had received in court was comparable to the “‘justice’ Jews experienced under Hitler in Germany.”
  • Signed an affidavit saying the late Minnesota bankruptcy Judge Nancy Dreher was a “black robed bigot” and a “Catholic Knight Witch Hunter.”

A Minnesota disciplinary referee had recommended a six-month suspension for Nett, but the Minnesota Supreme Court imposed a longer sentence.

“The nature of the misconduct,” according to the court’s opinion, “ … also cast the legal profession in a negative light and harmed the public.”

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