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Professional Responsibility — revocation

Wisconsin Supreme Court


Professional Responsibility — revocation

Where attorney Anne E. Brown failed to refund unearned advanced fees, failed to timely file documents in a divorce case, and failed to timely respond to the OLR’s investigative inquiries, revocation is appropriate discipline.

“Attorney Brown admits that she cannot successfully defend against the allegations of the grievance investigations. The OLR supports Attorney Brown’s petition for consensual license revocation. The OLR asks that Attorney Brown be ordered to make restitution in favor of five clients, and to the extent that the State Bar of Wisconsin Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protection (the Fund) has reimbursed any of those clients, then the Fund should be so reimbursed. The OLR does not seek an assessment of costs.”

“We determine that the petition for consensual license revocation should be granted and that Attorney Brown’s license to practice law should be revoked effective the date of this order.”

2013AP732-D OLR v. Brown

Per Curiam.

Attorneys: For Complainant: Arnold, Wayne A., Rice Lake; Weigel, William J., Madison; For Respondent: Brown, Anne E., pro se

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