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Employment — religious discrimination

United States Court of Appeals For the Seventh Circuit


Employment — religious discrimination

Where an employee failed to provide documents verifying his eligibility for employment in the United States, his termination was not the result of religious discrimination.

“The only evidence in the record on timing supports W&S’s explanation. W&S had been requesting an employment eligibility verification document from Martino since early September. On Friday, October 6, Martino gave W&S the letter from the South Bend SSA office explaining that the office was awaiting DHS authorization, which would take thirty to forty-five days to obtain. The next business day, Monday, October 9, Corlett responded to the latest news of the problems with Martino’s documents with the warning letter. While Martino seems to suggest that W&S’s decision to pursue the I-9 problem before resolving the outside position dilemma was discriminatory, nothing in the record shows that W&S pressed the verification issue to cover up discriminatory animus or that the timing of his discharge was suspicious.”


12-1855 Martino v. Western & Southern Financial Group

Appeal from the United States District Court for the Northern District of Indiana, Springmann, J., Williams, J.

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